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Young Talent' s Journey

The show Time

"I knew nothing about this industry", a young Kartik telltales about his journey from an innominate college student to a model and an artist.

"I don't think so I have achieved so kuch in my life. I think it's still a stepping stone in my life that I have to get ahead with". He understandbly knows that he cannot ascertain his future in fashion industry so he has backup plans for his career.

Kartik has been into fashion shoots and winning pageants since past 4 years but never came a time in his life that he thought about leaving the industry.As every Indian parents Kartik's parents also were uncertain about their son's choice at first, "They asked me what's the future in this? I knew that I cannot create a life in it but fashion has a vast scope from winning the pageants to judging them is a whole different ball game. Now, from my winnings I have bought a car and I can earn a decent living plus I am carrying out my studies also and sometimes, on my own expenses so that's something my parents are a bit satisfied about.

"I have an inclination towards TV show actor and pagaent director, Pranav Babbar who has been my mentor on every step of the way. I love his styling and he has guided me from the start that go to gym, wear these clothes, participate in that contest and whatnot. He has truly been my guiding angel and I know in future too he is going to support me", Kartik reveals. You would be seeing this young actor in various music videos and upcoming Web Series of which he has not revealed the names of yet. However, he has a long way to go into the industry and would be seen in a lot in upcoming screens.

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