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YouTube to launch new TikTok rival app just for India.

The Show Time / Vee D Ess

YouTube recently announced that they will test the bata versions of its new application which shares the same platform as TikTok in India. This came later when Oracle, US teach firm bought TikTok rights US after winning the negotiation game from Microsoft which was also interested in buying TikTok US operations. This new TikTok rival application of YouTube will be called "YouTube Shorts". Shorts will only be launching in India and no other country initially. As India is the country which banned TikTok completely unlike US which gave Chinese application an option to sell its US operations to any US based teach company or be completely banned in the country. Soon after TikTok tension rose many companies came there own version of TikTok, biggest example being instagram with its reels. And in India many new local application rushed to fill the gap left by TikTok. Now YouTube also going to join the compition with its own version "YouTube Shorts". It is informed that YouTube Shorts will be more user-friendly and focus that the user can shoot there catchy and great videos through they're phones without need of any additional camera and artificial lights. The videos short from YouTube Shorts will have a length of 15 seconds. Hands free video recording option will also be available, they user will be able to add songs to there shorts with vast library from YouTube and both the accounts from YouTube and shorts will be synced togather.YouTube will also revive an update in which there will be an icon to watch shorts from your YouTube account. This application will firstly be available for Android users in India then for iOS users as Android has a big footprint in India compared to iOS.

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