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Zee Punjabi Set To Launch New Family Drama “Dheeyan Meriyan” From 6th June

Zee Punjabi’s new show Dheeyan Meriyan is all set to touch the right chords with the audience as the storyline revolves around the journey of a single mother raising her three daughters. Zee Punjabi has been curating compelling content that matches the tastes and preferences of a varied palette of viewers. The latest in this edition of shows is Dheeyan Meriyan, where the protagonist of the show Asha, is abandoned by her husband and the story showcases how she raises her three daughters with grit and pride so that they can take the world head-on. Will her hard work bear fruit? That we will get to know only when the show launches. The beautiful mother-daughter bond and the challenges they face while fulfilling their aspirations form the crux of the show. So, check out this fascinating story from 6th June at 9 pm, every Mon-Fri. where a mother makes sacrifices to protect her daughters from the evils of the world to make them self-dependent only on Zee Punjabi.

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